TimeTap Helps You Keep Track of Your Time

TimeTap founder Addy Kapur.

It’s safe to say the most precious commodity we all own is our time. We all have the same amount. But most of us struggle with managing our precious time.

Software developer Addy Kapur saw a need for a product that allows companies and individuals to better manage time.

“When my daughter was young and when she got sick, my wife would have to rearrange her schedule to stay home with her or take her to the doctor,” Kapur said.

He knew there had to be a better way and he got to work on developing a solution.  

TimeTap launched its online booking software in 2006, building a system for businesses and individuals who are in need of an easy-to-use, reliable scheduling system. In 2010, Kapur quit his job and turned his attention completely to TimeTap.

“I did not think it would be a long journey or that it would be consuming for me for the next ten years,” Kapur said.

But TimeTap now has several thousand users across all different sectors.

“Our software is used by a lot of different verticals in the private sector, public sector, including army bases,” Kapur said. “The City of New York is a client.”

From the Ground Up

TimeTap is not Kapur’s first rodeo.

“As soon as I got out of college in India, I started a company and was building and selling software,” Kapur said. “We starved.”

He then moved to the United States and took a corporate software development job. He continued with his education, earning an MBA.

“I had the entrepreneurial spirit, but had to suppress it to get the corporate experience,” Kapur said of his early days.

Kapur continues to build TimeTap learning from past work experience.

“I learned how to scale at my last company to a very high volume,” he said.

A skill Kapur looks to hone as TimeTap continues to grow.

“The scheduling software space is gaining momentum,” Kapur said. “In the next three to four years it’s going to explode, and we want to be there. We can feel the momentum now.”

Expansion includes staying ahead of the curve when it comes to security and compliance.

“Smaller companies underestimate what it takes to keep everything secure,” Kapur said. “I’m glad we’ve taken the steps and the expense to stay on top of it. It’s kept us ahead.”

Here From the Start

Kapur and TimeTap got in on the ground floor of Charlotte’s startup boom.

“As soon as I quit my job in 2010, Dan Roselli had just bought Packard Place and we were one of his first clients.”

As of 2017, Packard Place had taken a lead role in creating more than 500 jobs since its founding in 2010. Its members have also raised nearly $1 billion in venture capital funding. (Charlotte Business Journal)

“The Charlotte startup scene has evolved quite a bit,” Kapur said. “In 2010, Packard Place as the hub and we were in the right place at the right time.”

TimeTap has since grown its staff to ten and has moved to a larger office space off of Wendover.