Seamless.AI Makes the Process of Connecting Professionally… Seamless

The Seamless.AI co-founders, Brandon Bornancin and Alan Chavez, are building a people search engine powered by artificial intelligence to better connect professionals. Learn more about the Seamless platform and mission.

“We’re building a sales search engine powered by artificial intelligence,” Brandon Bornancin, the founder and CEO of Seamless, explains. The Seamless search index will have professional contact information and insights for every professional in the world in their search index.

The platform ensures a professional’s information is accurate and valid by automatically researching public and private information available on the web. This is immensely powerful for corporate sales teams as the prospecting process is completely manual and very time-consuming.

Even with Salesforce, sales personnel have to manually copy-and-paste potential client information onto the platform. Bornancin came across this issue while selling for IBM and Google. He knew in order to be successful would have to prospect hundreds of people a day in enterprise sales. Due to the manual nature of the prospecting process, he was constrained to prospecting only twenty-five to thirty people daily.

So Bornancin and the Seamless team are building a search engine to solve this underlying issue. The goal is to seamlessly connect professionals to their target market. “Right now it’s too hard for everyone to connect – there [are] too many barriers.” On LinkedIn, for example, you have to ask for a connection request and there’s a chance that person’s account is dormant.

Seamless is thinking big – “our mission at Seamless is to empower the world to connect. [And] by empowering the world to connect we’re going to basically create a massive impact on the economy in a big way.”

They are selling to any company with a sales team within the Fortune 500 to 5000. Today they have around 3,500 professionals and companies on the platform across several different industries – the top being technology, financial services, manufacturing, professional and recruiting services.

Bornancin and Chavez, co-founder and Head of Engineering, are accustomed to the entrepreneurial journey. Bornancin, early in his college career, ran an online marketing company in the online poker space – while online poker was still legal.

Comparably, Chavez starting coding professionally at the age of sixteen, and after undergrad started his career at Red Ventures. Chavez was bitten by the entrepreneurial bug, so he joined a San Francisco-based startup and helped successfully exit the company to Uber.

Bornancin has now been working full-time on Seamless for just over two years, and brought Chavez on around the start of 2017.

With all the customer traction over the past two years, Seamless is currently in the process of fundraising. Bornancin plans to use the funds for tripling the engineering and sales teams.

Seamless is paying close attention to the Charlotte market, mostly because of its rapid growth. “Charlotte is one of the fastest growing [in the] top 25 fastest growing cities.” This growth could provide Seamless with not only new customers and clients but also talented employees.

“I think people are just starting to realize – this could be [similar to] the next Silicon Valley you just need to have a lot of people making it happen.” And that’s what the Seamless team wants to help do.

To those within the Charlotte community who are interested in entrepreneurship, Bornancin’s message is clear – “just do it!”

Even though the statistics report that the majority of startups fail, Bornancin recommends entrepreneurs to consider a longer-term plan – look out ten years. Most startups fail because they give up too early. He states, “Entrepreneurs underestimate the amount of work that it takes to be successful.”

So as you take that entrepreneurial leap, Charlotte, make sure to commit for the long-term.

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