GNEISS Founder Michael Morton Wants an Open, Free, Accessible Market Powered by Blockchain Technology

Yes, 25-year-old Michael Morton wants to show you that a different economic model is possible. But he wants to take it one step further – he wants to build the world’s next Wall Street.

Morton is the Founder of Global Network Encryption Investment Security Service, otherwise known as GNEISS (pronounced ‘nice’.) The company officially launched the Alpha version of their app to the public just last month.

Based in Charlotte, GNEISS is the world’s freshest face in the much talked about blockchain platform space. It is the first peer-to-peer blockchain platform that allows for any financial contract to be free of the middleman by leveraging the power of blockchain technology. GNEISS will have the power to do everything financial marketplaces can do – and Morton believes GNEISS will be able to do it better, meaning cheaper, faster, and more efficiently.

He’s building it to transform investing in what he refers to often as a ‘trustless economy’. His endgame? Revolutionize financial transactions the way the internet changed data.

Born and raised in Greensboro, North Carolina, Morton is a good blend between young and spirited and old soul; he’s also part of the YouTube generation in that he started using the video platform to learn, research, and develop opinions about not only the world’s current – and toughest – economic and financial challenges, but also how to solve them. He was 16 years old.

“I guess I was always an entrepreneur of sorts, but, as a kid, I wanted to be a scientist – a quantum physicist to be more exact,” he says in a recent interview. “So, I’m a natural investigator which is why I felt I really needed and wanted to investigate some of these financial crises. And I study something until I know it completely.”

He started at North Carolina State University in 2010, studying Applied Mathematics and Physics. It was during this time that he launched Morton Bitcoin Management to help others learn more about bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies, manage cryptocurrency wallets, and invest in the opportunity to ‘mine’ personal bitcoins. Craving more intellectual and entrepreneurial freedom, Morton left N.C. State in 2013 to pursue Morton Bitcoin Management full-time.

What followed were three years dedicated to learning as much as possible about what he refers to as the world’s power hubs – money and law. In doing so, he was also consciously laying the groundwork for GNEISS. He studied upwards of 70 hours a week, moved back home, and worked landscaping jobs that included cleaning out gutters to make it all work. Every dollar he made went back into the business. As well during that time, he worked as a Senior Trading Analyst for Ethereum Labs; he worked as a Research Intern for Cryptor Trust, Inc.

His team started coding the GNEISS exchange platform a year and a half ago with an emphasis on building the platform’s main feature – users will have the power to create, transact, and destroy any crypto-asset or smart contract in a personal “E-Vault” utilizing the Ethereum blockchain. Each GNEISS user who registers for the app via the website will have secure access to a private EVault.

“I originally started all of this to build myself a bank, but now, instead of just giving me a bank, let’s give everyone a bank,” he shares. “I really do believe in giving people the tools to be successful.”

Users will be able to trade the world’s most-traded forex pairs on the GNEISS platform; those fiat currencies include: the U.S. Dollar (USDT), the Euro (EURT), Chinese Yuan (CNYT), Great Britain Pound (GBPT), Canadian Dollar (CADT), and the Australian Dollar (AUDT). What’s next? Secured, smart contracts, including (but not limited to) derivatives, insurance and loans are in the process of completion as are DAOs.

Right now, he and his team are committed to working through the bugs that the Alpha version has exposed, prepping the platform for Beta which is expected by the end of 2017. The platform’s full launch is anticipated in early 2018. In the meantime, he’s talking up GNEISS and meeting with potential partners. He presented at PitchBreakfast in March 2017.

All of this is part of a strong and vibrant vision that Morton sees very clearly and very confidently. Ten years from now, he wants an open, free, and accessible market powered by blockchain technology; he wants everyone be their own bank; he wants to put the power back into the people’s hands; and he wants GNEISS to be the next Wall Street.

In turn, his Founder philosophy is two-fold. “Don’t be afraid to fail, and persistence is key,” he says.