PitchBreakfast Roundup: Traction is Everything, and Get Me Excited About Your Company

Marvin Abrinica speaks with panelists at PitchBreakfast.

What’d you miss this week at Pitch Breakfast? This month, multiple software companies pitched their unique platforms. Looking for to rent out property? Or to donate to charity? Your solution might be here.

Panelists this month were:

John Cambier, Managing Partner, IDEA Fund Partners

John Austin, Senior Director, NC IDEA FOUNDATION

Here were the main takeaways:

Know Yourself, Know Your (Rental) Worth

Rent Hub is a real estate data and intelligence platform that focuses on residential rentals. Founder John Njoku told the panelists how they use AI and data science to analyze millions of variables in housing markets to give customers accurate pricing information. This way, property owners can know their market value.

The panelists gave Njoku advice on how to structure his pitches.

“Not everything has to be included, just get me excited about what you’re doing,” they said.

That’s What Makes You Beautiful

One Donation gives employees a platform to donate to nonprofits through payroll deduction. Founder Graham Treakle explained that this gives employees a more empowering experience at their workplace.

The panelists advised Treakle to make sure he includes the most important pieces in his pitches.

“Do you have an MVP? Do you have customers? Traction is everything,” they said. “Even if you only have two minutes, you have to make time to include these key points.”

Treakle said under his current revenue model, they only make about $100 per month, but he said eventually they’ll be able to scale those earnings with more traction.

Tinder, But For Loans

Bundle charges loan officers a fee so that home buyers and mortgage shoppers can browse anonymously for houses and get helpful tools. Founder Eric Mager said this is to make sure first time and inexperienced home buyers can figure out where to start, and learn to navigate the confusing world that is buying a house. The platform matches buyers to real people, not machines, to help them out.

The panelists suggested that Mager refine his marketing strategy.

“It’s not going to work if people don’t know about it,” they said.

Read more about Bundle in the Founder Profile.

An Easier Way to Crowdfund

Wunderfund allows companies to raise up to $1 million via its platform. Founder Marvin Abrinica said this gives normal, everyday people a platform to invest that they didn’t have before.

The panel asked about customer traction, and Abrinica revealed that their largest customer to date is a brewery in Cincinnati.

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