PitchBreakfast Roundup: Scheduling Help, Better Communication and Increased Security

Chris Dix, CEO of Thoughtpost

What did you miss at PitchBreakfast last week?

One Charlotte startup wants to do the heavy lifting in helping you schedule time with friends and family. Another makes communicating with customers easier. And a third wants to make your home and neighborhood safer.

This month we featured three companies in the regular PitchBreakfast format. During the event, each company had five minutes (with slides) to pitch followed by ten minutes of feedback from our panelists. We also had cake.

The panelists included:

  • Christy Durbin, Founder, Staya Sleep
  • Steve Amedio, CEO, TKXS

Here were the main takeaways from last week:

Let Me Check My Schedule

You all know the drill. You want to hang out with your friends and family, but the back-and-forth trying to get something on the books is exhausting.

Sterling Scott, Co-Founder and CEO of OVRLP

OVRLP Co-Founder and CEO Sterling Scott explained how OVRLP can solve that problem. OVRLP is a social scheduling platform that helps people spend more time with friends and family. The intelligent, socially-aware calendar finds times when people are mutually available and schedules hangouts at places they mutually enjoy

Durbin encouraged Scott to better set up the problem that OVRLP hopes to solve and to better define his solution.

“Think through how you are positioning yourself and your story,” Durbin said. “How did you come up with the idea and why is your company the best?”

Think About It

Thoughtpost CEO Chris Dix wants to ease communication between small businesses and customers. Thoughtpost’s ChatStyle apps assist with answering questions, providing information to your audience and communicating with customers through any messaging platform. Plus, setup requires no coding.

Amedio guided Dix to make the pitch hard-hitting and enterprising.

“Add stats … how big is the problem?” Amedio asked. “Characterize the revenue and how you monetize.”

Tell Me Why I Should

VigilSight is an emerging home and neighborhood security startup with an innovative solution that turns external home security cameras into proactive crime-fighting tools.

CEO Byron Revels explained how VigilSight monitors motion alerts generated by external home security cameras. When suspicious activity is detected and verified outside of the home, VigilSight immediately alerts the police.

Both panelists wondered about a customer acquisition strategy.

“If you want me to go sign up, tell me why,” Amedio said.

Durbin advised Revels to “leverage your partnerships to help gain traction with customer acquisition.”

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