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The New


It’s no secret that Charlotte is a booming Southern city. From the outpouring of new businesses, beautiful green spaces, delicious restaurants, and the largest urban bike-sharing program in the Southeast – most of which didn’t exist 10 years ago, it’s clear Charlotte is experiencing a Renaissance of sorts. Once billed as *just* a banking city, with a sleepy downtown that cleared out after work hours, Uptown Charlotte and the vibrant surrounding neighborhoods are now teeming with art, culture, and a fresh, youthful vibe.

While they once took a backseat to the banking industry, startups have seized on the energy of the city in a big way. There are more than 80 startup ventures in the city, half a dozen co-working spaces, several major universities and a community college recognized as a national leader in workforce development.

And we can’t forget the city’s biggest asset: its people. There are more than 800,000 people living in Charlotte with a median age of 33. Charlotte may have some catching up to do in the startup world, but this is the perfect environment for new business to thrive.

However, there’s a feeling among some in Charlotte that things in the startup space are moving too slowly. The spotlight hasn’t hit on the city yet and exposed the world to the thriving community of big thinkers making things happen here. That lack of awareness (among other things) means slower fundraising, less support, and a difficult environment for new ventures.

Well, we at StartCharlotte want to change that. We believe in people like you, and we know Charlotte is perfectly poised to become a Southeastern hub for startups.

The goal of StartCharlotte is simple: to be a one stop shop for Charlotte-area startup news and information as well as a voice for local startups, investors, and community leaders.

And we’re doing this by focusing on these four areas:


If StartCharlotte is to be a voice for the Charlotte startup community, then we have to start with the startups themselves. Each week, we will profile a different company or founder and share their stories of success, failure, and other lessons learned.


There is currently no central hub for local startup news in Charlotte. Instead, you have to get on about a dozen email lists, scan through relevant articles in general business or lifestyle news sites, and keep an eye on your Twitter feed. So let us do that for you.


There are about a dozen email lists you need to be on and calendars you need to follow (not to mention Meetups you’ll need to join) to know what’s going on in the startup community. We’re on all of them, and we’ll let you know which ones you shouldn’t miss.


As we build out the site, we will share resources for startups including funding sources, service providers, co-working spaces and more. Keep an eye out for updates on our Startup Directory, where you’ll be able to see just how big our community is.

This is just the start. Over the next year, you’ll see us add new features and try new things to help keep you informed and shine a spotlight on this great community.

Get Involved!


For StartCharlotte to be a voice for all local entrepreneurs, we need to hear from you. We’d love to feature your startup’s journey in our Stories section or let everyone know about your upcoming launch event in Events. Or maybe you’re interested in partnering with us to help make this a reality. Either way, drop us a line anytime. We’d love to have you!


Juan Garzon

Director @ StartCharlotte, PitchBreakfast, Principal @ Garzon Co., Mentor @ QC FinTech, RevTech Labs, and Queen City Forward.