Year in Review: Top Stories of 2018

Right here in Charlotte, lots of amazing things are happening in the startup community. Here is a look back at some of the top founders we profiled in 2018.

This startup is making blockchain technology easy and effective for enterprise companies

Blockchain, the technology behind bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, brings higher levels of efficiency, security and privacy to everyday business workflows and operations. Jim Safran, CMO and co-founder of QBRICS, says the awareness of the technology’s prowess is becoming mainstream, but it’s not yet available to enterprises in a way that is immediately usable.

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Smpl builds coworking member management software that’s, well, simple

Smpl (pronounced simple) is a member management software for coworking spaces, came out of both a business desire and a market need. Garrett Tichy opened the first location of Hygge in Charlotte’s Third Ward in late 2015. Since then the coworking brand has opened two more locations — one on Remount Road and the newest one at Camp North End. As the number of locations grew, so did the number of members — and so did the operational and logistical inefficiencies for Tichy as owner and manager.

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Lumiton’s smart T-shirt makes wellness wearable

Gates Hinds and Marco Scipioni built a company to help people embrace the positive health benefits of the sun. The result is Lumiton, a wearable technology brand whose debut product is an innovative T-shirt called the SunShift.

“Our ancestors knew the benefit of light,” Scipioni said. “This product is re-establishing our connection with the sun and optimizing the light coming into our bodies.”

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The first date story behind the game-changing e-commerce medical supply startup Care.Club

In a fast-paced, modern world of automation, technological innovation, and competitive, startup energy, Bianca Padilla is re-introducing the business world to an even more game-changing concept — care. Padilla met Jonathan Magolnick. On their first date, Magolnick shared with Padilla that he had just won a startup hackathon with an idea for a subscription service for adult diapers.

That man would eventually become her business partner and fiancé. The idea would become, Care.Club, an e-commerce medical supply company offering incontinence, nutritional, personal care, wound care and other medical supplies based in Charlotte. Care.Club’s thousands of medical-grade SKUs address the needs of the aging Baby Boomer generation.

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Tired of the T-shirt? SeeSnapGet takes shopping while traveling to the next level

SeeSnapGet facilitates the transaction between travelers and local merchants. It’s an app that allows the shopper to request quotes, buy, track shipping and share their unique treasures. Merchants like local artists and boutique retailers recover sales that otherwise would be lost. And shoppers get to take a piece of their travels with them.

Don Nelson recognized this problem while leading ecommerce and digital marketing teams for companies such as Sam’s Club and Toys R Us. These roles required frequent business travel, and he wanted to bring presents home for his family.

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