Triple in size, land a celeb client and master the ‘no’: New Year’s resolutions from Charlotte’s startup scene

It’s that time of year again — for starting fresh, for resolving to make the next year better than the last, for good intentions.

Now the trick is to make good on all those lofty promises to yourself.

We reached out to members of Charlotte’s startup community and asked about their resolutions — personal, professional, whatever — for 2018. Consider it part-motivation, part-accountability check. If you say your resolution out loud, you’re more likely to make it happen. And you’ll be more inclined to aim big in 2018 if you know you’re part of an entire community shooting for the moon next year.

So dig in, and here’s to a very happy new year!

Michelle Buelow, founder, Bella Tunno: “It’s the same as last year’s and will be the same as next year’s: In 2018, we will focus on WHY we do what we do. We sell fun baby products to give kids in America meals. When we keep the focus on the heart of who we are as a brand, we stay motivated to work harder, think smarter and be better in everything we do at Bella Tunno.”

Tim Griffin, founder, Cloosiv: “My new year’s resolution is to enjoy the ride. Despite the many ups and downs of building a business, we’ve got a dedicated team that’s working hard to make Cloosiv a reality, but we should all remember to take a few moments between intense sprints of effort to have some fun!”

Garrett Tichy, founder, Hygge Coworking; co-founder, smpl: “We started smpl with a very specific goal of being intentional and thoughtful with every last feature we build. With version 1.0 right around the corner, the desire to grow as fast as we can and the push to add features there’s a pressure to break from these core values. The goal in 2018 and really forever is to stick to what we believe.”

Sean Rogers, co-founder, smpl: “I don’t necessarily have a 2018 resolution because I think my goals are pretty constant. I want to build a product that people truly love and get it into as many hands as possible — all without feeling like I have worked myself to death.”

Mike Bifulco, co-founder, smpl: “I’d like to keep building things that I can be proud of, with people I love working with. And to be lighthearted whenever possible, and serious when the occasion calls for it. Life’s too short!

Haley Bohon, founder, SkillPop: “My only personal resolution this year is to read more and spend less time on social media – it’s something I try to get a little better at every year. Work-wise, the whole team is focusing on streamlining and strengthen the business as we continue to grow. A fun resolution I have is to see if we can get a celebrity in a SkillPop class ;)”

Mike Murphy, co-founder and COO, ProctorFree: “I’ve had a bad joke for years that I give up my New Year’s resolutions each year for Lent :-). In 2018 I want to read more, get projects done in a new home and have a positive impact on my immediate/local community here in Lake Norman. As a side note, after seeing it somewhere else I started a public reading list last year in order to hold myself more accountable to the first goal mentioned above.”

Alan Fitzpatrick, CEO, Open Broadband: “Bring broadband availability to 100,000 people who currently don’t have a good option.”

Justin Adams, CEO, Digitize.AI: “The first is that Digitize.AI wants to continue expanding our mission which is to grow trust, transparency and courage in our health care communities through artificial intelligence (AI). The second goal for 2018 is that we want to triple in size from an employee standpoint.”

Kadie Kersey, founder, Uptown Errands: “Make fitness a priority! And be more engaged in the Charlotte startup scene and community.”

Greg Artzt, co-founder and CEO, PunchAlert: “Hire at least 10 amazing people in 2018 who challenge me and the entire company to be better. And get in the best physical condition of my life while still spending quality time every day (that I am not traveling) with my wife and children.”

Justin Witz, co-founder and CEO, Catapult: “Word of the Year: No — better prioritization for what I want to focus on. Learning JavaScript. Teaching my kids coding through CodeSpark. Preparing my house for baby #3 =). In my business, now that we have six employees, a big focus for all of us as a team is identifying the core values we want to live and breathe that cater to our culture. Executing our go-to-market strategy for company onboarding. Focusing on international clients in China and Europe. Open an HQ location.

Jon West, co-founder and CEO, AddShoppers: “I resolve to become a better leader in 2018.”