Free ‘Start Your Business’ Cohort in June in Charlotte

Free cohort in Charlotte

The cohort “Taking the Leap,” designed to help people start a business, is available free to the first 30 qualified applicants. To apply, visit the Small Business and Technology Development Center‘s (SBTDC) link. Deadline to apply is May 31.

The cohort requires a four-week commitment on Tuesdays at 6-8 p.m., June 4-25 at Hygge Coworking @ Camp North End (pronounced ‘Hoo-ga’) in Charlotte, NC.

In this cohort, participants will learn about the core aspects of starting a business. This will include identifying potential markets, writing a business plan, running the finances of a business and marketing a business.

Participants will work with mentors and peers in fun breakout activities. These are designed to help strengthen their business ideas and prepare them for success.

Class one will cover “The Voice of Your Customer.” This will be a human-centered design thinking experience to understand future customers and their needs. Experiment with solutions through storytelling to gather feedback and learn quickly.

Class two will cover “A Plan for Success – Develop Your Business Model.” Using the Ice House Opportunity Canvas, participants will visually fine-tune their Customer, Solution, and Connection and will receive feedback from others. The first steps of “how to” legitimize the business will be discussed.

Class three will cover “Cash is King.” Investment and initial capital, burnrates, cash flow, and/or product pricing will be developed by participants in the session. Live Plan and QuickBooks will be explored as a tool for monitoring long-term financials.

Class four will be a “Pitch Night.” Using the insights about your customer, value proposition, and financials, you will develop and share your business pitch. Best practices for marketing your new business’ new product or service will be discussed.

Brought to you by the SBTDC @ UNC Charlotte.