7th annual data fest asks technologists to make Charlotte the ‘healthiest city in the world’

The best in the Charlotte technology sector are invited to this year’s HackathonCLT, which is in its 7th year. The free, all night event will take place March 22-23 at Discovery Place Science Museum.

Described as a marathon for techies, over 1,000 Hackathoners from across the country are expected to attend. This year’s focus is for coders, developers, business leaders, and others of the community to figure out creative ways to make Charlotte the “healthiest city in the world.”

What does that mean exactly?

“That’s a broad, bold statement. We want attendees looking for ways to help the Charlotte population to enrich their lives by leveraging the data to accomplish that,” said Sherrell Dorsey, marketing and community of Tresata, which hosts the event. “Techies will look at population health issues prevalent in our community.”

Attendees will have access to local health statistics and chronic health issues information to help them formulate solutions.

Not only that, but winning teams will receive prize money totaling over $30,000. Winners will be selected during a public session starting on March 23 at 12:30 p.m.

Tresata and other sponsors invite the public to attend to watch the Hackathoners at work and participate in other tech-driven experiences including interactive learning, data science, and AI-related activities on day two of the event.

To keep the hackers going strong, there will be plenty of music, snacks, and fun. Teams can sign up at hackathonclt.org. Participants must be 18 or older.

“What’s unique about HackathonCLT is that every year we challenge ourselves, our community, and leaders in our city to think differently about how to solve our most acute problems using data,” said Abhishek Mehta, CEO of Tresata and the creator of HackathonCLT.

In addition, it brings attention to Charlotte and helps the area grow. According to Tresata, the first year of HackathonCLT in 2013 there were around 50-60 attendees, and the number doubled and tripled every year.